Plaisir:  /plezir/  pleasure / De: /duh/- from Grasse: /gra:s/A town near Cannes, in south-eastern France, center of the perfume industry/ Grass: Slang for Marijuana

Introducing Plaisir de Grasse… the first personal intimacy oil to combine elegant design, a carefully mixed blend of organic oils, exotic edible essence and more pure one-hundred percent legal, non-psychoactive CBD than any other personal intimacy oil on the market today. PDG is quite literally …

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Messages from our inbox…


“It is a great product. It made me feel relaxed and open. I can see clients benefiting from this product especially people who suffer from painful penetration. I am glad you reached out and that I got to try it. I used the suggested amount and it was perfect.”

“I am smitten with the sensual mist! It's the best sensual oil I've ever had. It smells great and feels even better. “

“My staff LOVED the samples and will definitely be recommending to patients.”

“I’m gonna need a BIGGER bottle.”

“Ok.. Can I tell you something that may be too much information lol…I’ve been so stressed lately and its honestly affecting my sex life with my boyfriend (me not being in the mood, lubrication issues, etc) we tried this oil last night and omg. It was incredible. Smells DIVINE.”

“Magic Sex…What more can you ask for?”
“I must say this product is amazing. I’m soooo in love with the feel and smell”

“This spray makes my D**K so hard.”

“My balls are tingling.”

“Your oil got me PREGNANT! Anyway, I finished it and it is literally my favorite thing in the whole wide world… I need 20 more bottles BIG Bottles.”

“Literally changed my sex life.”

“Makes my man orgasm faster…not that I’m complaining or anything…”

“I tried a sample of your mist last night and, quite frankly, I have to have it.”

“The best lube I have ever tried…”

“I got some alone time last night and holy sensation! I love what you created.”  

“OMG This oil is even better around warm weather. I’m so in love and so is my hubby.”

“Literally needed it today. Saved me.”

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Product Information Disclosure

Please care for your bottle by keeping it in a cool, dark place. Though the dilution of essential oils is only 2%, some of the essential oils like the vanilla, when heated or placed in direct contact with the sun will turn a pale pink. To avoid deterioration and protect the aromatic and therapeutic properties of the essential oils, keep the bottle inside its custom made black tube, or velvet pouch.

Its shelf life is 16-18 months, but it’ll never last that long.

Now go on….faites I’amour, pas la guerre.