Plaisir de Grasse was born from the love of women, beauty, sex and, the thrill of the cannabis revolution. It was created to celebrate sensuality and joie de vivre.

More importantly, we wanted our product to work. So we did away with the cinnamon and black peppercorn commonly used to create heat and went straight to the prized ingredient—pure CBD—and we packed more CBD in each bottle than most other CBD-infused personal intimacy oils you’ll find on the shelves today.


What is it?

 Our sensual personal intimacy oil is designed with our hand-crafted blend of edible European essential oils, packed with more odorless CBD than any other product on the market and delivered to you by way of pure organic MCT coconut oil and exotic scents in a beautifully designed European bottle.


 What does it do?

Technically, you’ll experience enhanced blood flow, heightened sensitivity, and a slight warming, tingling sensation all wrapped up in a sexy blend of rose, vanilla, ylang ylang, amber, cardamom and sensual musk that will take you higher.



How do I use it?

Like Coco Chanel would if she were alive today. Boldly. Brazenly. Often. 

Spray liberally between your legs; rub it, leave it, play with it. Now close your eyes and savor it.

First: A garden in the South of France. Grasse to be precise. Ylang Ylang and Rose…heavenly. A hint of the exotic…Cardamom? Amber? Yes, that’s it.  Now, wait- what’s that? Cooling, and warming at the same time? Ah, peppermint. Genius. 

And while your brain is busy wrapping itself around the incredible scents and heightened sensations being delivered, the magic of the cannabis plant swoops in, blood flow increases, tension dissolves and the real pleasure begins.


Plaisir de Grasse is about relaxing, having fun and experiencing more intense pleasure.