Why Be Dry When You Can Be Wet?

Can’t deny it, we at Plaisir de Grasse are obsessed with wet. Let me say it again wet. Let me say it in caps…WET 

What a hot word.

Want to hear a not so hot word Dry. Ugh. Dry is so horrible. Dry skin, dry mouth, dry pussy. Not fun.

No thanks. 

Another thing we’re obsessed with it SMELL. God, I love smell.  Who doesn’t love smell?

Smell is everything. In an instant, it can bring back our childhood—the smell of fresh from the oven brownies on a cold day, or Coppertone sunscreen on a warm one. It can reignite the passion we first felt for our husbands when he puts on the very cologne he wore when you first fell in love. Smell has the Pavlovian effect of making us want whatever it is we’re being reminded of.

Plaisir de Grasse has the Pavlovian effect of making you and your partner want sex.

The smell of it triggers your senses; it makes you want to feel sexy. Spray it on your private bits, get all wet and slippery and all you’ll be able to think about is sex. Wait five minutes or so for the CBD to work its magic and you’ll be begging for it.

And the best news is that it’s all-natural, all edible. It’s even vegan and kosher if that matters to you at all.

 Having a boring day at work? SPRAY it on.

Have to get in the mood right after work with no time to shower and change? SPRAY it on.

Feel dumpy and resentful while doing housework? For God sakes, woman, SPRAY it on.

What are you waiting for? Spray it on! SPRAY it on!