What's in your lube?

KY Warming Jelly VS. Plaisir De Grasse



  1. Glycerin: a clear odorless liquid common sources are animal fat and vegetable oil

  2. Hydroxyethylcellulose- a thickening agent

  3. Chlorhexidine gluconate- a germicidal/antiseptic against bacteria, wipes out good bacteria as well.

  4. Methylparaben-chemical used as a preservative to give longer shelf life (a paraben)

  5. Sodium is hydroxide-also known as caustic soda, or lye is used to manufacture many everyday products such as paper, aluminum, commercial drain, and oven cleaners…

  6. Glucono delta-lactone- food additive used as an acidifier, or a curing, pickling or leavening agent.

  7. Propylene Glycol: Found in many personal care products like shampoo, it is widely used because of its low cost. Synthetic, non-toxic, water-absorbing. Used as an antifreeze

  8. Maltodextrin: used as a dietary supplement by bodybuilders; an inexpensive additive to thicken food products such as infant formula; a filler in sugar substitute

  9. Honey.

  10. Sucralose- artificial sweetener

What makes it warming?

Its the same ingredient that was Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey hot. Fireball, the Whiskey that was recently taken off the market in 3 European countries, due to the high concentration of Propylene glycol. The US and Canada allow much more propylene glycol than what’s allowed in the EU.

It’s the same ingredient that is used as a less toxic alternative to ethylene glycol in antifreeze which was killing pets who lapped up the sweet-tasting engine fluids Though declared safe for use by the FDA, the Humane Society warns that propylene glycol is “still toxic.”


  1. 100% organic, sustainable pure MCT- Coconut Oil that is slippery, all-natural and a nearly perfect naturally acidic PH for the vagina.

  2. Pure organic Colorado-grown Cannabidiol Isolate. CBD is the non THC part of the hemp flower that is known to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and induce an overall feeling of well-being.

  3. A 2% solution blend of Oregon Tilth Certified Organic and Sustainable Essential Oils such as…Egyptian Rose, Madagascar Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Labdanum that smell incredible.

What makes it warming?

Nothing but a few drops of pure French Peppermint…

We let you choose which one to use but remember PDG is not safe to use with latex (condoms)! xx