Top 5 Stumbling Blocks to Orgasm

Vanessa Marin, a cutting edge sex coach, has developed a step by step approach to break free of the hurdles that have come between you and that great big, and weirdly elusive, but oh so wonderful Orgasm that you are soooo entitled to.


Orgasm is a skill, declares Martin, one that takes time and practice AND letting go of all the nonsense that women have been told over the years such as:


  1. “If it hasn’t already happened, it never will.”

Not true. There is no orgasm boat to miss. No ticket to get counted. No back of the line. Missed your chance. None of it.

According to Marin, it’s the same as learning how to speak Spanish. Or yoga. There is no getting behind or catching up…


According to sex coach Martin…“You’ll only miss the boat if you decided not to get on it.”


  1. Some women just can’t orgasm.  How absurd. What a fallacy! And yet, it’s out there. Article after article, page after page in women’s magazines claiming that 10 % of women, i.e. 1 in 10, won’t ever be able to orgasm in their lives. It is a false claim. There’s no scientific evidence to support this claim.


  1. If you can just relax it will happen

Just stop.  Nothing makes a person tense up more than that five-letter word- RELAX. And on top of that experts agree that you have to make it happen, in other words, you must take active steps to ensure that it will happen.



  1. It’s all in your head- No. It’s both. You have to explore actual techniques to reach orgasm. It’s the sensation of hands, mouth, toys, lubricating oils and skin that creates an orgasm.


  1. You shouldn’t focus on orgasm

Your desire to have an orgasm is good- doesn’t try to pretend that it’s not or that you don’t want one. Don’t drive yourself crazy, harness that goal-driven energy and use it to your benefit. It’s a problem that needs fixing, right?


This is life’s work. Orgasms are about so much more than just climaxing- they help women:

  • Fall in love with their bodies, feel confident in their own skin
  • Be focused and present in the moment and be able to soak up every bit of pleasure
  • Feel fully confident in receiving their partner’s attention