PDG Sexy Massage Candles

The New “Must-Have” Sexcessory… Massage Candles. It’s like
getting the richest, most luxurious massage in the world and
having sex while you’re doing it.

Say what?

Yep, you heard it.

If you’re craving a lil something more to add to your sex life
(you: “pls no more  missionary ”) These candles are perfect for
adding a little light-hearted fun—they’re not as intense as say
dripping hot candle wax down you’re partner’s spine—our all-
natural, small-batch candles have a much lower melting point and
will feel warm and creamy on your skin, they won’t burn.

“A massage candle is specifically formulated to melt at lower
temperatures compared to standard candle wax,” says licensed
therapist Christene Lozano, founder of online sex therapy
service  Meraki Counseling.

Plus, because we use all organic soy wax and all organic sweet
almond, apricot and jojoba oils your skin will love you for it. Each
candle we produce is hand crafted, hand poured and, best of all, is
infused with our trademark PDG sensual scent. Think vanilla, ylang
ylang, rose, cedarwood…inhale it once and it you can’t help but
feel like sex. Plaisir De Grasse is sex. Our wicks are wood and crackle like a
mini-fireplace. Take the 2 oz. “Shot Glass” votive with you on your
next romantic weekend, and keep the larger 10 oz candle by your
bed. Or by the shower.

Ooohhh… nothing sexier than lighting the candle before a shower
and pouring it all over yourself after your out. Your skin will love
you for it, and so will your lover.

Spray our PDG sensual personal intimacy oil infused with tingling CBD to
your most intimate places and every one of your senses will be

Here’s how it works: The hot wax melts into creamy oil when
poured on the skin, turning a hot sensation into an extremely erotic
massage, says Lozano.

For starters, know that it takes between 20 to 30 minutes for the
massage candle to melt, so start by using it as ~sexy~ lighting in
the dark, suggests Lozano. “Once it has melted, carefully pour it on
to your partner’s body.” 

If you really want to make things super sexy, add a blindfold to the
mix. “It adds an element of fun and surprise,” says Lozano.

Then spray your partner’s most sensitive spots with PDG sensual
oil—our cbd lube that will make your genitals tingle.

Oh, wait, we were talking about the massage oil candle.

Some things to keep in mind: 
 Test it on your skin first to make sure it’s not too too hot. 
 Choose places to pour on your partner’s body that are
thicker, like the stomach, upper back, lower back, and thighs.
(Let’s steer clear from the p-in-v for obvious reasons, instead
spray our sensual mist on these parts.)