Painful Sex? CBD Intimacy Oil Can Help.

Every time I have sex it hurts. My doctor told me to use lubricant, but that’s messy, feels so topical and doesn’t last. Can CBD help?

In a word. Oh…Yeah.

CBD intertwines with sex in modern and quite delightful ways.

A recent study by CBD and hemp resources website Remedy Review explores CBD's Effects on Sex. Surveying 5,398 Americans, researchers focused in on 502 (9.3%) who said they took CBD for sex with their current or previous partner. Of the respondents surveyed, 54% percent were men and 46% were women; 80% of respondents described themselves as straight, 16% as bisexual, and 3% as gay. The amount of milligrams each person ingested was not controlled, which is one issue with the study. Stricter dosage control and a larger pool of respondents would likely allow for more accurate findings. 

At a glance, here's what the 502 adults surveyed said of using CBD during sex:

  • 72% of men and 76% of women said they experienced stronger orgasms
  • 66% of both men and women use CBD to alleviate sexual anxiety
  • Men lasted 31% longer before orgasm
  • Women reported being 33% faster to orgasm
  • 57% report being “more satisfied” with their relationship 
  • 87% of men and women took CBD as a couple
  • 69% are likely to continue to use CBD for sex

What do doctors and industry experts have to say about the study, and what research exists to back it up? We spoke to three experts in sex and cannabis use to add some context to these findings. 

Pain, Inflammation and Increased Blood Flow

The survey found 26% use CBD to alleviate pain and soreness after sex. Of those, 39% found CBD “moderately to very” effective, 59% found it “slightly to somewhat” effective, and only 2% found it non-effective.

Perceived Effectiveness of CBD at Alleviating Soreness After Sex:

59% Somewhat effective

2% Not effective at all

39% Moderately to very effective

Source: A survey by remedy Review of 502 people who reported using CBD for sex

“For those with pain and inflammation, CBD may be playing a role,” said Adie Rae (formerly Wilson-Poe), Ph.D., a neuroscientist. “We know that CBD can help with pain, and perhaps both systemic and topical CBD might be a treatment for vulvodynia or vaginitis, but we will need clinical studies to validate that possibility.” 

Growing research shows that cannabinoids are great for enhancing blood flow and, in turn, relaxing muscles. This effect is great for good sex, for obvious reasons.

THC is a well-known pain reliever, and CBD is a well-known anti-inflammatory, so both of these cannabinoids are working in a beneficial way to decrease any pain which a lot of people experience.