Good sex, good health

Is it just American thing to think of beauty, sex and wellness as separate categories?

In Europe, sexuality is incorporated into one’s entire being, as it should be. Sex is considered natural and healthy; wanting good sex is also considered healthy. And even stranger still, women over 40 are thought of as being very sexual, in a healthy way.

Not here. In America, women over 40 have, for the most part, been completely neglected when it comes to sex. They are considered almost “too old” to want to have healthy, fun sex. Hence, products for them, personal lubricants being the #1 product, are medicinal in tone and function. Completely disavowing beauty and sensuality, both of which are so important to sexual wellness. And yet, most everyone knows, if you’re not having sex or at least some king of relationship with your body you’re not going to feel well, or look well or, for that matter, act well.

But this is about to change. According to consumer reports, the sexual wellness market is forecast to generate revenues of $39 billion by 2024. Nearly identical growth rates for feminine hygiene, with values totaling $52 billion by 2023.

And better still there are finally products women actually want to buy. Why? For starters, experts in beauty and personal care are getting involved. And even more significantly, women as founders, creators, are at the helm of many of these products.

They are the ones driving change, making products for women incorporating exciting new wellness trends like CBD and clean products made in small batches by hand. These are the products women should be looking for.

Personal intimacy oils like Plaisir de Grasse blur the lines of sex, beauty, and wellness. Made in small batches, by hand, using only organic and sustainable ingredients, impeccable French glass bottles and ample CBD, PDG not only eases any discomfort, the smell and feel of it have the same effect of putting on a beautiful set of lingerie. Transportive.

No matter what your age, good sex is imperative for our wellness, far more important than say a face cream, and yet some people drop $1, 170.00 for a 6.8 fl oz. pot of face cream. Face cream washes off. A good orgasm lasts forever in the hearts and minds of all those involved.

So ladies, toss those horrible plastic bottles of lubricant, head over to Plaisir De Grasse and pick up a bottle of PDG. Good sex is just a click away.